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"Some Kind Of Heroin"


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Release: 2007
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Mortiis - Some Kind Of Heroin CD

Auf dieser CD gibt sich das Who is Who der Goth/Darkwave/Industrial Szene in die Hand um exklusive Remixe des Mortiis Studio-Albums "The Grudge" zu präsentieren. Mit dabei sind unter anderem Bands wie Funker Vogt, The Kovenant, PIG, Implant, Gothminister, Velvet Acid Christ oder Girls Under Glas.
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1.Underdog (Zombie Girl Remix)
2.The Grudge (Gothminister Mix)
3.Twist The Knife (The Gibbering Mix By Implant)
4.Broken Skin (Septic Wound Mix By XP8)
5.The Grudge (Mental Siege Mix)
6.Gibber (PIG Remix)
7.Way Too Wicked (Psychotic Comatose Miy By The Kovenant)
8.Gibber (Lysergic Club Mix By Velvet Acid Christ)
9.The Worst In Me (Girls Under Glass Remix)
10.The Grudge (Daivd Wallace Remix)
11.Broken Skin (Funker Vogt Remix)
12.The Grudge (Emotional Heresy By Kubrick)
13.Decadent And Desperate (Therafuck Remix By Dope Stars)
14.Gibber (Gibbering Idiot)
15.Way Too Wicked (Absinthium Mix)
16.The Worst In Me (Extraction By In The Nursery)