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"#3 (WE TRAVEL)"


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Release: 2013
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February 2013, release of the successful MRDTC debut "#2 (We Transfer)".

Dezember 2013, the EBM-electronics do it again. MASSIVE! "#3 (WE TRAVEL)" offers 10 tracks wich warm the heart of every fan of electronic music.4 NEW TRACKS, 4 LIVE-TRACKS from the legendary show at the "Electrocution V" festival in Rostock 2013. Among others and to accommodate the high demand of the fans - "Sick In Your Mind" - a cover of the classic tune by The Klinik. Finally 2 REMIXES of popular tracks from the debut album.

But that’s not all. "#3 (WE TRAVEL)" will be released on Cd in a limited edition of 300 copies.
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Label's catalogue number:EZR 036
1.No Kingdom
4.Bells Of Death
5.For The Good Times *
6.God Of Anger *
7.Motif *
8.Sick In Your Mind *
9.Motif (Re[Tro]Mix By Logikfehler)
10.God Of Anger (Wrecked)
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