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"#5 (Straight From Nothington)"


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Release: 2015
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MRDTC - #5 (Straight From Nothington) 2CD

Welcome to Nothington, a town in minor…nuclear fallout, tristesse, loneliness, suicidal tendencies, emotional isolation, depression, exploitation…MRDTC invites you to a dark city tour through apocalyptic urban canyons, dead-end streets and back roads which are forgotten by the society for a long time. inhabitants on a holding track lapsed into self-doubts trying to oppose their desire to end up their own existences. unknowing the close nuclear blast that will leave nothing…

Like on the debut MRDTC found wellknown artists for a collaboration. This time they present 4 tracks together with the extraordinary electronic wizards from No Sleep By The Machine. The list of remixers is a revelation: [basementgrrr], Amnistia, Nullvektor, DSX, Full Contact 69 and Mrs. June putted their hands on the tracks.

#5 (Straight From Nothington) is a manifesto of darkness and anxiety. a depressing journey on 2 discs within 1,5 hour.
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