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"#5 (Straight From Nothington)"


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Release: 2015
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MRDTC - #5 (Straight From Nothington) 2CD

Welcome to Nothington, a town in minor…nuclear fallout, tristesse, loneliness, suicidal tendencies, emotional isolation, depression, exploitation…MRDTC invites you to a dark city tour through apocalyptic urban canyons, dead-end streets and back roads which are forgotten by the society for a long time. inhabitants on a holding track lapsed into self-doubts trying to oppose their desire to end up their own existences. unknowing the close nuclear blast that will leave nothing…

Like on the debut MRDTC found wellknown artists for a collaboration. This time they present 4 tracks together with the extraordinary electronic wizards from No Sleep By The Machine. The list of remixers is a revelation: [basementgrrr], Amnistia, Nullvektor, DSX, Full Contact 69 and Mrs. June putted their hands on the tracks.

#5 (Straight From Nothington) is a manifesto of darkness and anxiety. a depressing journey on 2 discs within 1,5 hour.
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1.Kick Off 2
2.Brain Talk
4.When The World Is Gone
5.Shout It Out!
8.Outside These Walls
9.Straight From Nothington
12.The Converted Killer
13.Brain Talk (Basementgrrr Remix)
14.Falling (Amnistia Modification)
15.When The World Is Gone (Mrs. June Cover)
16.Shout It Out! (Full Contact 69 Remix)
17.Unseen (Wrecked By Mrdtc)
18.Downside (Nullvektor Remix)
19.The Last Step To Reality
20.Straight From Nothington (Dsx Remix)