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Release: 2007
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Mulphia - Bleeding CD

From the moment of publishing in the spring of 2007 by the Advoxya of the first "official" album "Dark Sides" from the Czech project Mulphia. As it was promised, the label has continued the re-animations of the group's early materials, published years ago in a shortened forms and distorted quality via the internet. To your attention we offer a totally re-mastered material supplied by new sound-mixing and several bonus-tracks. Richard's opinion - this album is one of the best of the band's early creations. Remaining outside from the danceable waves of the contemporary industrial scene, tracks from this album penetrate the darkest side of human nature. The thin scalpel of Czech resuscitator continues to dress the helplessly lying substance of human "ego", alcoholizing all interesting from its point of view malignant formations by electro-sound and boring the brain by torn dark rhythms. Work in the morgue will be continued in 2008 by preparing of an absolutely new album "Wartorn 1" and by the earliest and also by the lattest album in the series of re-animations.
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1.One Foot In The Grave (Overture Cut)
3.Feeding Time
6.Believe (U Fucking Asshole)
7.(take) Your Place
9.Great Disgrace
11.Hell Wanted
12.Something Sometimes (2nd Version)
16.Bleeding (Finale Cut)