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Release: 2009
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Mulphia - Wartorn CD

The Czech dark-electro act Mulphia returns in 2009 after two albums of2007 "Dark Sides, Bleeding" and two years of work on absolutely new stuffand conseptual idea titled "Wartorn". Maintaining the general dark-electroline of unique sound of his first albums, Richard Mulphia created it inmore aggressive and multistyle key, turning to the thematics of star warsand intergalactic expeditions.
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Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-29-cd
1.Wartorn Intro V.2.5 (Cd Version)
2.Get Down To The Ground (V.5)
3.Rip Me To The Pieces
4.Fifty Guns
6.Violent Season
7.Time Without
8.War (Weapon)
10.Under Fire
11.Time Is Running Out
12.Another Zero
13.She Hates Me (Edit)
14.Silence After (Outro V.2)
15.March To Neojericho