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"Kampfbereit (Limited Hardcover Book)"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Nachtmahr - Kampfbereit (Limited Hardcover Book) CD

It is true. History is written by the victors. Yet, behind this proverb hides more than meets the eye. The legends are keen on glorious triumphs, the people are possessed by singing songs about their heroes' baffling victories. However, the headwind worthy a hurricane, the iron will necessary to prevail, the unhesitant self-abandonment with daggers drawn, is often dwarfed to a mere marginalia in the books of history. Art is no different here, and hardly anybody is more aware of that than Thomas Rainer. He is one of those artists who always followed their own path, who established trends instead of following them. It wasn't easy, that's for sure. Someone like him is no stranger to scars, wounds and disappointments. Still, he abides. Still, he remains the victor.

The new NACHTMAHR record „Kampfbereit“ ...
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1.Tanzt Für Mich
2.Strenge Liebe
3.Gegen Den Strom
5.Wir Sind Die Toten
7.Burning Bridges
8.Entfache Dieses Feuer
9.Krieg Und Frieden
10.Tempus Fugit
11.Unsterbliche Opfer