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Nano Infect

"Scars Of Denial"


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Release: 2013
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Nano Infect - Scars Of Denial CD

Nano Infect new album is a fact!The Devil and his advocates decided to raise hell once more with "Scars Of Denial". 2 years earlier the band gave us "Cirtcuitry Of Blades" & later on "Evil Supreme". Now they are ready to present a fierce,agressive ,high-energy hellectro stomping sound with strong melodies and provocative powerful vocals.SynthetiC's new album is depressing,energetic,melodic and harsh at the same time. From crazy danceable basslines and beats to really dark depressing melodies,and from hardstyle to rave & from aggrotech to trance it's all there!Also feat. PreEmptive Strike & A7IE
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Label's catalogue number:AD-HUN-84-1-CD
1.Scars Of Denial (Back To Your Crypt)
2.162-A (Bombardment)
3.D-Stroyed Frequencies
5.Evil Supreme (Sex & Violet)
6.Never Too Drunk (To Fuck)
7.Love Lies Bleeding
9.Hell-As Imperial
10.Jesus Is Dead
11.In Cold Blood
12.We`re Going To Kill You
13.The Black Swan