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"Within a Decade (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Nest - Within a Decade (Limited Edition) 3CD

The Finnish Neofolk / Ambient project NEST by Aslak Tolonen and Timo Saxell is well known far beyond the mentioned genres. Every connoisseur of Agalloch will remember the beautiful Nest / Agalloch split from 2004 or the amazing album ‘Woodsmoke’ on Corvus Records! This sumptuous 3CD edition, prepared in 2 and a half years of dedicated work, compiles not only ALL the music ever recorded by Nest (incl. compilation tracks, demos, covers…) for almost 200 minutes total duration, but also contains some of the illustrations painted by Aslok in a magnificent 20 pages booklet inside the very SOLID deluxe digibook-packaging!

Nest was formed in summer ...
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Label:Infinite Fog
2.Claw And Fang
5.The Mire
6.The Turning Of The Tides
7.Across The Waters
8.The Silvershade Lynx
9.Call Of The Wild
10.By The Healing Waters
12.Summer Storm
13.Calmly Passing Monument
16.A Winternight Visage
17.The Gallant Crow (Skepticism Cover)
18.Haunted Birds (Agalloch Cover)
19.Enchantment For Few
21.Harbinger Of A Greater Winter
22.Land Behind The Mist
23.An Oaken Citadel
24.Land Behind The Mist
25.Mink Twins
26.The Elk King's Daughter
27.An Oaken Citadel
28.10 Last Vestige Of Old Joy (With Agalloch)
29.Last Vestige Of Old Joy (Nest Version)
30.Summer Storm (Acoustic)