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Neue Strassen

"Landschaften und Maschinen"


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Release: 2015
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Neue Strassen - Landschaften und Maschinen CDR

EXCLUSIVE: Profi CDr in handmade 6-panel cardboard cover is limited and sealed to 35 copiesfrom InfravoX recordsInfo: Neue Strassen is a band formed by Dan Shamble (guitar) and Werner karloff (synthetizer, voice)his musical style is influenced by NDW scene and the minimal synth scene in the mid-80s in general , The band name was taken from the song neue Strassen of metropackt. Very happy to announce our third release and it is these two great artists exponents of minimal synth and coldwave from brother country Mexico.

Genre: Minimal Electronic, Synth Punk, Cold Wave, NDW
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