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"The Days of Self-abandonment"


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Release: 2015
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Neutral - The Days of Self-abandonment CD

First limited edition of 800 copies in Digipak with booklet

"Neutral" is without a doubt the best known project in Russian Neofolk and are real pioneers of this genre in Russia. The project released albums with Eis & Licht, Cynfeirdd, Brudenia, Ewers Tonkunst… Neutral was founded in 1994 by singer and songwriter Ash, and dramatically changed their musical direction from industrial to acoustic neofolk sound in 1998. Since then almost every song of the band is a graceful combination of guitar and violin melodies, touching lyrical imagery and deep vocals.

After a much too long ...
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.Уходя (Passing Away) 4:50
2.Дни Самозабвения (The Days Of Self-Abandonment) 4:30
3.Ты И Я (You And Me) 6:50
4.Серп Кассиопеи (Sickle Cassiopeia) 6:30
5.Моя Тишина (My Silence) 7:45