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"The Demon-Haunted World"


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Release: 2015
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Neuvision - The Demon-Haunted World CD

Advoxya Records proudly presents the debut album from mexican bandNeuvision (earlier this formation was known as hard-spellingDegeneración Debraye). Main brain behind this project is Ricardo Ygrod,plays also dj-sets and involved in one billion other things in life.Band exists since 2010, has a few digital singles and covers out,planned album to release on collapsed Engraving Ritual, but that neverhappent, and finally here is the debut album - no doubt an impressivedebut. His music combines trance, synthpop and ebm beats, and as bandname proves to us - it has been mixed out the genre-borders, startingfrom easy-to-listen synth-pop and finishing with hard-electro stuff.Catchy danceable music.
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1.The Absolut Revolution.
2.The Night Is Ours.
3.Body & Symphony.
4.Conciencia Electro.
5.Other Side From Space.
6.We Are Humans.
7.The Demon-Haunted World.
8.4Th Dimension.
9.Mexicanos Al Grito De Guerra.
10.Body & Symphony (Dismembered By Nitronoise).
11.Tokyo 3.
12.Body & Symphony (Electrovot Remix).
13.Body & Symphony (Ygrod Droid Remix).