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"A Fair Masquerade"


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Release: 2014
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NID - A Fair Masquerade CD

This is the debut album of neofolk-band NID. "A fair masquerade" recorded during summer 2013 in southern Italy, best summed up all the sound and the emotions that this band we want to transmit. "A fair masquerade" by NID is a kind of baroque parade where everyone wears a pompous and amazing mask on the stage of life but just because everyone is trying to stand out and emerge,in the end we realize that we are only equal and homologated.Therefore, the real "fair masquerade" is only the final one, when we face the death or a traumatic event that strips us of everything. Then parade naked, this will be our last "masquerade". Their music is a wonderful mix of neofolk / industrial that will surround you from the first listen."A Fair Masquerade" come presented on a CD 3 panel digipack, matt Lamination + 12 pages booklet matt varnish. Edition of 500 copies.

If you like bands like "Of The Wand And The Moon", "Sonne Hagal", "Rome" or "Death in June" you will love NID!
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Label:La Esencia Records
3.Shattered Flowers
4.North ́s Fire
6.Sulphur Soul
8.Golden Beast
10.Einsamkeit - Buried In Sun
11.Of Rattles And Dust
12.Standing Among The Ruins
13.White Rooms