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"Drowning In Good Intentions"


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Release: 2013
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Nimon - Drowning In Good Intentions CD

Keith 'keef' Baker has been a musician for over 20 years and has worked in a very wide range of styles. His output of side projects since the last 'keef baker' release shows just some of the stylistic range. Sharps injury': powernoise, 'ocdc': complextro, 'crackpuncher': grindcore, even comedic ebm: 'mandro1d'.

Not to mention various micro-projects and collaborations. But Nimon is something different, something much more personal. written at a time just before and not long after the death of a close family member when nothing was soothing his soul except the intensely pure sounds of brian eno, sunn o)), stars of the lid, christian fennesz and their ilk.

The intention behind nimon was ...
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1.The First Bittersweet Pangs Of Grief
3.Pressing On My Broken Knees
4.Hope In The Strangest Places
5.A Coping Mechanism Fails
6.The Facade Is Cracking
7.Brief Respite But Not Enough
8.It All Breaks Apart