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Nine Circles

"The Early Days"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Nine Circles - The Early Days CD

The early demo recordings of dutch 80's cult duo Nince Circles finally see the light of day! All tracks remastered incl. '82 radio seesion.
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InfraRot item number:9944.954
Label:Genetic Music
1.Miss Love (First Version)
2.Here Come I, Here Is Me (First Version)
3.Hospitals Speaker
4.One Moment It Will Last
5.North South East The West
6.The Rose (First Version)
7.Mister Nothing
8.Looking For
9.Roots Of Life
10.What’S There Left
11.Twinkling Stars
12.Blinded By The Lies
15.How’S About The Aims In
16.Intro (Live In Queekhoven 1982)
17.Miss Love (Live In Queekhoven 1982)
18.Here Come I, Here Is Me (Live In Queekhoven 1982)
19.The Rose (Live In Queekhoven 1982)
20.Something Between You And Me (Live In Queekhoven 1982)