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Nine Inch Nails

"Live To Air"


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Release: 2015
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Nine Inch Nails - Live To Air DVD

Format: Col, NTSC, Region 0, DVD5,Screen: 16:9,Audio 2.0

Trent Reznor has forged a trail an an idiosyncratic composer and performer of industrial metal on an epic scale. His work is both challenging and edgy, and these aspects continue into the live set. This rare film features Reznor in performance at the Woodstock Festival where no amount of rain and mud can dampen the enthusiasm and shock creativity emanating from the stage.
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Label:The Store For Music
1.Terrible Lie
3.March Of The Pigs
4.Something I Can Never Have
10.The Only Time
11.Down In It
12.Dead Souls
13.Help Me I Am In Hell
14.Happiness In Slavery
15.Head Like A Hole
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