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Nine Inch Nails

"The Broadcast Archives"



Release: 2008
Status: Sold out
Nine Inch Nails - The Broadcast Archives DVD

"The Broadcast Archives" is a collection of live performances of the industrial rock act founded by Trent Reznor. This is the stunning film of Nine Inch Nails at Woodstock. The inimitable Trent Reznor led the band on a highly charged romp through a fantastic selection of red hot tracks from the then current album "The Downward Spiral" but only after Trent and the band had fully immersed themselves in the famous Woodstock mud creating an unforgettable spectacle of industrial rock performed by mud men. These rare performances, many of which are previously unreleased on DVD will delight long term fans, collectors and new comers discovering the Nine Inch Nails for the first time. DVD in NTSC, Region Code "0" (the world).
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1.Terrible Lie [Video/Live]
2.Sin [Video/Live]
3.March Of The Pigs [Video/Live]
4.Something I Can Never Have [Video/Live]
5.Closer [Video/Live]
6.Reptile [Video/Live]
7.Wish [Video/Live]
8.Suck [Video/Live]
9.Burn [Video/Live]
10.The Only Time [Video/Live]
11.Down In It [Video/Live]
12.Dead Souls [Video/Live]
13.Help Me I Am In Hell [Video/Live]
14.Happiness In Slavery [Video/Live]
15.Head Like A Hole [Video/Live]