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Nine Seconds

"Agent Provocateur"


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Release: September 2017
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Nine Seconds - Agent Provocateur CD


German-Swiss EBM trio, most recent releases are the CD NOTHING TO CONFESS (in the German Alternative Album Charts for 8 weeks) and ANTISTAR MACHINERY EP (N°1 in the EAC Single Charts, in the German Alternative Single Charts and the German Electronic Web Charts)


2017 the third NINE SECONDS album AGENT PROVOCATEUR will be released by infacted recordings


LOST LOVE, SOMNABULIST, PLASTIC FANTASTIC and the title track AGENT PROVOCATEUR are the four potential club hits all on this album that also presents the cover version of BLACK SATURDAY. The production was done in collaboration with Stefan Poiss (

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1.Lost Love (Part I)
3.Black Saturday
4.Plastic Fantastic
7.Agent Provocateur
8.Room 009
9.Borderland (3Rd Chapter)
10.All Beauty Must Die
11.Lost Love (Part Ii)
12.Somnambulist (X Marks The Pedwalk Rmx)
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