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"No Cure for Apocalypse"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Nitronoise - No Cure for Apocalypse 2CD

Second album from the Canadian electro-industrial trio, initial quantities in 6-panel digifile with booklet and 2CD full of exclusive remixes from 10 different acts. “No Cure...” is 10 relentless anthems for the end of days – as uncompromising and unstoppable as the Armageddon it suggests we all deserve – topped off with a collaboration with long-time champion of NITRO/NOISE Thomas Rainer/NACHTMAHR, and an atmospheric coda. This limited edition of 300 copies also comes complete with the bonus CD “10 Ways to Doomsday”, containing remixes by exciting newcomers like THE.INVALID, SIRUS and RAVE THE REQVIEM alongside ROTERSAND, GRENDEL, C-LEKKTOR, FGFC820, MODULATE, BLAKOPZ and DIE SEKTOR, creating a song-by-song mirror-image of the original album tracklist, presented in the exact same order.
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InfraRot item number:9943.855
Label:Deathwatch Asia
1.The Revelation
2.Want Wome
3.If We Stop Breeding
4.God Game
6.All Shall Perish
7.Don’T Be Afraid
8.Spit It Black
10.Wake Up Call
11.We Demand Better (Feat. Nachtmahr)
12.Don’T Be Afraid (Piano Rework)
13.The Revelation (Fgfc820 Rmix)
14.Want Some (Modulate Rmx)
15.If We Stop Breeding (C-Lekktor Rmx)
16.God Game (Die Sektor Rmx)
17.Censorshit (Rotersand Rework)
18.All Shall Perish (Blakopz Rmx)
19.Don’T Be Afraid (Grendel Rmx)
20.Spit It Black (The .invalid Rmx)
21.Unchained (Sirus Rmx)
22.Wake Up Call (Rave The Reqviem Remix)