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"Total Nihilism (Ultimate Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Nitronoise - Total Nihilism (Ultimate Edition) 2CD

Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies worldwide. 8 of the tracks are released on CD for the first time ever. Including 12-panel poster-booklet & outer cardboard sleeve.

The definitive 2CD collector’s edition ...
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Label:Digital World Audio
1.Killer Fuelled Machine
2.Synchronised Beat F**k
3.Built For War 04 Genesis
5.No-One Shall Return
6.Armies In The Fire
7.The Drill
11.No-One Shall Return (Rebuilt For Clubs)
12.Armies In The Fire (Rebuilt For Clubs)
13.Built For War (Rebuilt For Clubs)
14.Synchronised Beat F**k (Noisuf-X Rmx)
15.X (Terrolokaust Rmx)
16.Armies In The Fire (Cutoff: Sky Rmx)
17.Killer Fuelled Machine (Cygnosic Rmx)
18.Genesis (Vprojekt Version)
19.Synchronised Beat F**k (Studio-X Rmx)
20.Drowning (Nano Infect Rmx)
21.Killer Fuelled Machine (Sin Dna Rmx)
22.Synchronised Beat F**k (Ruinizer Rmx)
23.Warcry (Cursed By Alien Vampires)
24.X (Phosgore Rmx)
25.Killer Fuelled Machine (Xp8 Rmx)
26.Drowning (Freakangel Rmx)
27.No-One Shall Return (Technolorgy Rmx)
28.Menschmaschine (Terrorkode Rmx)