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No More

"7 Years Redux (1979-1986) (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
No More - 7 Years Redux (1979-1986) (Limited Edition) 2CD

This limited boxed version (299 copies only) containing a bounus cd with four extra studio, three live songs with cover of 'Venus In Furs' (Velvet Underground) and two remixes plus some special Designed gadgets. Besides this there are two postcards, one sticker and a pin. The boxed version enlarges the focus especially by including 'It feels like 1925' and 'Dark Side Of the Town' from the highly acclaimed 1982 mini-LP 'A Rose Is A Rose'.

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1.Suicide Commando (Original Version)
2.Dim The Lights
3.I Still Bear The Scars
4.Golden Games
5.Waiting For The Man
6.Theme For Angels In Big Cities
7.Do You Dream Of Angels
10.7 Years
11.Entree Tunesienne
12.El Dorado
13.In The Flesh
14.Just A Shadow [Live]
15.Hysteria [Live]
16.Suicide Commando [Live]
18.Dark Side Of The Tow
19.Laughter In The Wings (Demo)
20.It Feels Like 1925
21.Do You Dream Of Angels [Live]
22.Venus In Furs [Live]
23.Kalo [Live]
24.Istambul (Criminal Asylum Remix)
25.Too Late (Sandblasting Remix)