InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2006
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No More - Remake/Remodel 2CD

Dieses Album enthält neben überarbeiteten Versionen klassischer No More-Titel auch bis dato unveröffentlichtes Material. Als Bonus gibt es ausserdem noch eine zweite CD, die neben einem Audioteil auch umfangreiches Videomaterial enthält.
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1.Too Late (Peddlers Of Misery)
2.Quiet Days In My Hometown / On Celluloid
3.Another Monday Morning (42 People/24 Hours/25 Years)
4.French Kisses [Live]
5.What? (Buzzing TV)
6.Ain't Gotta Clue (Nueva York Version)
7.Schwarzen Mann Gesehn
8.In A White Room / It's Always The Moon
9.So Unreal (Fake The Fake The Fake)
10.Something Grows Up / Rose De Fer
11.Out Of The Window
12.Hiroshima Mon Amour
13.Teenage Years (A One Chord Wonder)
14.Suicide Commando [Live]
15.Suicide Commando (Radiomix)
16.Suicide Commando (Reduxx)
17.Suicide Commando (Video Edit)
18.Suicide Commando (Instrumental)
19.Suicide Commando [Live]
20.Suicide Commando (Demo)
21.Suicide Commando (Remix)
22.Suicide Commando (Original)
23.Suicide Commando [Video]
24.Suicide Commando [Video]
25.Suicide Commando [Video]
26.Suicide Commando [Video]
27.Suicide Commando (Instrumental) [Video]
28.Venus In Furs [Live] [Video]
29.S.C. (Kind Of) [Live] [Video]