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Noise Unit

"Decoder (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Noise Unit - Decoder (Limited Edition) 2LP

Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delerium) started Noise Unit in 1989, originally with Marc Verhaeghen of Belgian act Klinik. The project was envisioned as an outlet for ideas that did not fit into Front Line Assembly and quickly became a favourite amongst Leeb's fanbase. After one album with Verhaeghen (Grinding Into Emptiness, released on Wax Trax), Rhys Fulber joined the band, and the 3 members produced ‘Response Frequency‘ in 1990.

Following this, Noise Unit became ...
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1.A1 Bahnhof
2.A2 Innerchaos
3.A3 Protector
4.B1 Paradise (Dis)
5.B2 Firing Line B3 Ascent
6.C1 Escape
7.C2 Elixure
8.C3 Clipset
9.D1 Biosphere
10.D2 Falling (Unreleased Bonus Track)
11.D3 Lifetime (Unreleased Bonus Track)