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"Invasion (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
Status: Ready to be shipped in 3-5 days
Noisuf-X - Invasion (Limited Edition) 2CD

Like no other Jan L. also known as NOISUF-X (X-FUSION) dominates the dancefloors of the global club scene for years. Before realising the new album it's a matter of fact that his latest output INVASION will reach the woldwide dancefloors again. "Stille ist ein Privileg" (i.e. "Silence is a privilege") does not apply to NOISUF-X fans, and this is a good thing.

Play at MAXIMUM Volume.

INVASION will be released as limited 1st edition with a 6-panel-digipak plus 5 track bonus cd.
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InfraRot item number:9943.735
Label:Pro Noize
1.Let´s Get Started (4:08)
2.The Typical "fuck You" Song (3:36)
3.Shit On Cyborgs (4:09)
4.Egomaniac (3:49)
5.Stille Ist Ein Privileg (4:01)
6.Anything Else To Say (4:09)
7.Mad As Hell (4:09)
8.Prison For Your Mind (4:10)
9.I Am Like God (4:41)
10.Brenn Mit Mir (4:28)
11.Hall Of The Mountain King [Cover] (4:48)
12.Android (3:58)
13.Menschen 2.0 (4:02)
14.Bloodshed (4:02)
15.Tod Der Erde (3:38)
16.Invasion (3:55)
17.Unreal (3:48)
18.Es Rauscht (Stoppenberg Mix) (3:44)