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Release: 2014
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Nolongerhuman - Withdrawal CD

Already with the albums "Antipathy" (2009) and "Depersonalization" (2012) nolongerhuman mastermind Clint Robertson managed to gain a lot of attention and praise in the electro/industrial scene. The third album features 10 tracks that should give you pause and contemplate your personal reality. A lot of bands in this genre find easy inspiration from the standard topics of war, sex and violence. Nolongerhuman’s approach is a much more personal, soul searching experience. Clint in his own words about this beautiful masterpiece: Musically, the American musician gives us a great mixture of hard hitting beats, catchy keyboard riffs and a haunting sense of ambience drenched with foreboding swirls of doom. Heavy use of vocal samples put "Withdrawal' in a historical context, harking back to early 90s industrial. It will work easily on the dance floor but offers so much more. Listening to the album as a whole, in a chill environment, will make you appreciate the outstanding songwriting and production of this powerful album. Beautiful is not a word easily associated with harsh electro but nolongerhuman injects soul and beauty into a genre that is usually just defined by volume and attack factor. "Withdrawal' is a deeply personal album, a journey to find oneself, but it never shys away to take a stand, to be honest, to be truthful.
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4.Lusus Naturae
5.Modern Narcissus
7.Dead Empire
8.The Forgotten
9.Quiet Desperation
10.The Death Hour