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"The Secret Barbarous Names"


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Release: February 2017
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Nordvargr - The Secret Barbarous Names CD

"The Secret Barbarous Names" is a vocal based work inspired by the Draconian and Typhonian traditions. Vocal incantations, sepulchral ambience, and ritual darkness from one of the founders of the legendary Swedish scene. A vocal based work inspired by the Draconian and Typhonian traditions, the title refers to the hidden meanings of the countless manuscripts that have been kept secret for millennia - their supposed effectiveness resting in their utterance, not their meaning. The words of power, vibrated at the correct frequency and amplitude in the correct setting and time, have the power to manifest anything. 49 minutes of complete, impenetrable darkness, where ghostly, vaporous incantations and elongated vocalizations resound from stygian depths.
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1.Mantra For Ur-Hekau
2.Mantra For Khepr-Ta
5.Closing Of The Gate