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Norma Loy

"Message From The Dead"


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Release: 2009
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 weeks
Norma Loy - Message From The Dead 2LP + DVD

Superb Compilation of french Cold-Wave/Gothlegend Norma Loy starting with their very first recorded track from 81 to unreleased demos, rehearsals, live to unreleased treasures.
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InfraRot item number:2004.074
Label:Vinyl On Demand
Label's catalogue number:VOD 64
2.Welcome To CPM
5.Skandinavian Erotica Rehearsal
6.Memories Rehearsal
7.Glance For Your Eyes [Live]
8.Mental Outtake 1984
9.Belinda's Dead Friends
10.Power Of Spirit (Demo '87)
11.Dead In The Bed (Demo '87)
12.Shiny (Venus In Furs)
13.Forever Gone (1999)
14.Chinese Puzzle
15.Fly Away Song (Demo)
16.Memory Train (Rehearsal)
18.The Cellar (Unreleased '90)
19.The Murder (Unreleased '90)
20.TV Domination (Unreleased Demo '88)
21.Love Song
22.L'age D'or (Rehearsal)
23.Immaculate [Live][Video]
24.1964 Shadows [Live][Video]
25.Hell Night [Live][Video]
26.Romance [Live][Video]
27.T-Vision [Live][Video]
28.Bitchy Boy [Live][Video]
29.TV Friends [Live][Video]
30.Died In The Bedroom [Live][Video]
31.We Shall Win [Live][Video]
32.Disconnected [Live][Video]
33.Heaven12 [Live][Video]
34.Death To The LW [Live][Video]