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Northern Lite

"Shuffle Play"


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Release: 2016
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Northern Lite - Shuffle Play CD

he acclaimed German Electronic is back with their 11th studioalbum!

A new found love - you can feel it, it is close and very euphoric. "Trouble makes good Songs" could be the headline for this musical journey! "Shuffle Play" is an improved Resumé, a new variation of Northern Lite. The great restlessness of the band is back in songs like "Wonder why" or "Who you are". They're all about the quest, the search for passion and love, of tiny moments which bring everything to a central point. The album ends with a drumbeat to the cover of "Clocks" which brings us back to the actual topic - the great love of Northern Lite remains the stage and on this stage you'll soon find "Shuffle Play". The CD also includes 3 amazing remixes by Luis Kolben, Westbam and N.L.!
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Label:Una Music
1.Staring At The Sun
2.Who You Are
4.You Are Not Alone
5.Trouble Makes Good Songs
6.Hey My Friend
7.I See A Darkness
8.Wonder Why
11.London (Luis Kolben Remix)
12.Reach The Sun (Westbam Remix)
13.My Pain (The Hacker Remix)