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Null Device



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Release: 2013
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Null Device - Excursions CD

Null Device's long-awaited third album EXCURSIONS combines Electronica, Pop, Breaks, EBM, and Trance with a varied new toybox of influences from Bhangra to Bollywood to Flamenco.

Excursions is Worldbeat for people who hate Worldbeat; club music for people who love club music, but hate hearing the same old fluff. In short, Excursions is an evolution of sound for Null Device, bringing together the complex musical elements that they have been applauded for but with an overall accessibility only hinted at in previous releases. This is Null Device's finest release to date, so immerse yourself in beats, melodies, and atmospheres that you won't soon forget.
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Label:Nilaihah Records
Label's catalogue number:NR032
3.Under The Gun
4.Down The Line
6.You're Not That Charming
8.Twisting And Turning
9.Snow And Joy
10.I Promise