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O Paradis

"Llega al Amor, Asoma la Muerte"


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Release: 2015
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O Paradis - Llega al Amor, Asoma la Muerte CD

Genre: Melancholic Mediterranean Folk. Coming in 6 page-Eco-Digifile

LLEGA AL AMOR, ASOMA LA MUERTE is the new studioalbum by Ô PARADIS. Ô Paradis is the work of Demian Recio. For 15 years Demian is now creating this specific me-lancholic Mediterranean feeling in his music, free from all general trends and hypes. On this trip he met several artists (like Allerseelen, Novy Svet, Val Denham or Thomas Nöla among others) and the result was a common cooperation and inspiration. If we understand the work of Ô Paradis as a long search for Demian`s own aim, we could say that his new creature "Llega el Amor, Asoma la Muerte", can be seen as his "Ithaca" or personal masterpiece. There are fresh new inspirations / directions in this album, but we recognize also a homecoming to his old love for Latin music and the melancholy of English Folk, but all under the gaze / banner of the death. Ladies and gentlemen, you are invited to participate: "La Muerte" (The Death) is coming with a smile on his face .
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Label:Dark Vinyl
1.Mientras Respiras
2.El Opio De Tu Belleza
3.Por El Este
4.Llega El Amor
5.Dime La Verdad
6.Lombrices De Terra
7.El Misterio Del Infinito
8.De Espaldas Al Milagro
9.No Temo Arder
10.Asoma La Muerte