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Obszön Geschöpf

"Highway Of Horrors"


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Release: 2014
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Obszön Geschöpf - Highway Of Horrors CD

after 15 years on the Dark electro ebm and Industrial Metal scene , OG come back with a new 6th album called " highway of horrors " with more of 30 guests from the biggest Metal bands from France like DAGOBA , BLAZING WAR MACHINE , ETHS , MERCYLESS , TREPONEM PAL , MYRATH , L ́ESPRIT DU CLAN , ULTRA VOMIT etc.... and mastered by James MURPHY ( DEATH / OBITUARY / TESTAMENT . This new album sound like a mixture of Electro gore ebm , Industrial Metal , hip hop old school , thrashy grunge death with 70/80 ́s horror ambience on the sound and visual and years after years OG have create the own OG style . since 2005 OG have tour everywhere in EUROPE , UK and USA with kickass shows , close of shows of M Manson , NIN , Ministry or Killing joke in 90 ́s . OG is considered something like the french MINISTRY or ROB ZOMBIE in France .
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1.Human Beast
2.Headleights Appears On The Road To The Carnival
3.Highway Of Horror
4.How I Eat Your Mother
5.Slasher S Night
6.Bloody Black Skin
7.Sleazy Man Cd1
8.Insane Impuls
9.Easy Ride Corps
10.Dead And Buried
11.Curse With A Teenager Slut