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Of The Wand And The Moon

"Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness (Re-Release)"


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Release: 2010
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Of The Wand And The Moon - Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness (Re-Release) CD

Re-release of the second Of The Wand & The Moon album, originally released in 2001. This re-release also includes BOTH versions of track 'In a Robe of Fire', listed on the tracklist of the German release on 'Auerbach' in 2006, but not included by mistake.
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InfraRot item number:2006.926
Label's catalogue number:PHONI027
1.Lost In Emptiness
2.My Devotion Will Never Fade
3.In A Robe Of Fire
4.Algir Naudir Wunjo
5.Silver Rain
6.Gal Anda
7.Her's To Misery (A Toast)
8.Can I Erase The Demon?
10.My Devotion Will Never Fade
11.In A Robe Of Fire
12.Lost In Emptiness