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Opera Multi Steel

"La Legende Doree"


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Release: 2010
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Opera Multi Steel - La Legende Doree CD

The eigth regular studio album, and the first since 2002, for legendary French act Opera Multi Steel. This album marks a kind of back to the very first years of the band. The musicians attempted to recreate the minimalist atmosphere from the times of their first cult album 'Cathedrale' while reusing, exhuming all the instruments they were playing in those times such as the vintage Elex or Casio VL Tone keyboards... The rhythm patterns were elaborated with samples from the rhythm boxes they loved so much in their beginnings, mainly Roland TR 606, TR 808 models... The minimal electronic 'hand-made' wave sound of the band is completed by the adjunction of flutes, melodica and bass guitar. Some situationnist sound effects, one of the characteristic of the band's recordings are still scattering over the songs of the album.

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Label:Wave Records
Label's catalogue number:W028
1.Karma Sous Trame
2.Perdre Connaissance
3.Vision Holistique
4.Fureur En Asie
6.Rite Sacre
7.Le Cachot
8.Sainte So
9.Au Sein De L'essence Meme
10.Homelie Melodique
12.Un Art Fatal