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Orange Sector



Release: 2015
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Orange Sector - Glasmensch MCD

German EBM pioniers Orange Sector return with their new limited 7-track single „Glasmensch“ (man of glass). The title song „Glasmensch“ is another great EBM tune by Orange Sector in their typical soundscape while „Sturm“ (storm) is about to conquer the dance floors within no time! Especially the Martin Bodewell Remix will remind you about Nitzer Ebb at their best period! As bonus the limited and hand numbered single features new remixes by Dominatrix, Plastic Noise Experience and Rector Scanner. Be fast since this Cd is strictly limited and will for sure be sold out in no time!
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2.Glasmensch (Nsa Mix)
3.Glasmensch (Dominatrix Remix)
4.Glasmensch (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
5.Glasmensch (Rector Scanner Remix)
7.Sturm (Martin Bodewell Remix)