InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann


"Work 1989-2002"


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Release: 2002
Status: Ready to be shipped in 3-4 weeks
Orbital - Work 1989-2002 CD

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1.Chime (7" Single Version)
2.Choice (Original Version)
3.Illuminate (Short Version)
4.Satan Spawn (Re-recorded For The Movie Spawn With Metallica's Kirk Ham
5.Nothing Left (Short Version)
6.Halcyon (7" Version)
7.Impact (USA Version)
8.Are We Here? (Industry Standard Version)
9.Style (Single Version)
10.The Box (Single Version)
11.Frenetic (Previously Unreleased)
12.Lush 3.1 (Original Version)
13.Funny Break (One Is Enough) (Single Version)
14.Belfast (Original Version)