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"The Sonic Groove Releases pt. 1"


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Release: 2014
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Orphx - The Sonic Groove Releases pt. 1 CD

richard oddie and christina sealey a.k.a. orphx have been in operation since 1993, creating a catalogue of varied productions incorporating musique concrete, industrial, techno and dub. throughout the 90s and early 00s, they built a strong following within the european rhythmic noise scene through their live performances and releases on hands productions and hymen. in 2009 orphx made their label debut on adam x's sonic groove imprint which exposed them to a new audience and quickly established their name as one of the leading acts in a new wave of industrialized techno.until today five 12 inch vinyls were published - three of them are now available for the first time on compact disc format, supplemented with a previously unreleased remix.

'the sonic groove releases pt. ...
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1.Cracktest (Edit)
2.First Light
8.Density Current
9.First Light (Remix)
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