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"Infacted Recordings - Electro-Box Vol.3"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Package - Infacted Recordings - Electro-Box Vol.3 10CD

10 Cds for the price of 2 CD!


01 Torul - Partially Untamed (CD) 6-Song E.P. inklusive „In Whole“ & „Show me your City“!

02 Frozen Plasma - Emphasize (CD) 10 Song Mini-Album incl. „Warmongers“!

03 Detroit Diesel - Coup D’etat (CD) Harsh Electro aus Nord America!

04 Lights of Euphoria - Subjection (CD) „Best of“ mit allen Hits und rarem Material!

05 Menschdefekt - The Human Parasite (CD) Dark/Harsh Electro made in germany!

06 X Marks the Pedwalk - Facer (CD) Klassiker inklusive Facer, Ten Miles, Mirthless Knick Knack Danger… 14 Songs!

07 Felix Marc - Parallel Worlds (CD) Soloalbum des Frozen Plasma Sängers!

08 E-Craft - The Roots (CD) 17 (!) Song „Best of“ der alten E-Craft Songs! EBM Power!

09 Liquid Divine - Autophobia (CD) Intelligent Electro a la Haujobb, Binary Park… Aus Leipzig!

10 !Bang Elektronika - Aktivierung! (CD) Kaltband aus Kanada! EBM / Frankfurt Techno - 15 Songs, alle Hits!
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