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Panic Lift

"Skeleton Key"


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Release: 2016
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Panic Lift - Skeleton Key CD

Panic Lift has carved its niche in the dark electronic music scene with a blend of hard industrial, elements of Synth-pop, Dance and Rock. The new album, Skeleton Key, once again proves that the only constant element of the band is change. Fearlessly diving through and re-imagining, shifting and blending genres, Skeleton Key shows why Panic Lift is a unique and innovative act.
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1.Time Enough At Last
2.Paper Mask
3.This Poison Remains
4.A Ghost Story
5.The Path
6.Of Shadows And Trees
7.Finally What You Wanted
8.How Long It Takes To Break
9.Skeleton Key
10.Every Day Is Halloween
11.Mercy Home
12.From Blue To Black
13.Lighthouse (By My Side Tonight)