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"Throw out Rite"


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Release: January 2016
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Pankow - Throw out Rite CD

NOT the average digipak release but coming in a special 6-PANEL DIGIPAK [limited to 500], with booklet and with silver ink layers

This special limited CD re-release of the most classic PANKOW album, unavailable for 32 (thirtytwo!) Years not only includes the 6 remastered original tracks of the tape, but also 4 bonus tracks, recorded by Pankow in the same year that ‘Throw Out Rite’ came out (1983). The artwork has been lovingly restored by FM and is presented in deluxe digipak with special silver ink layers, as well as a beautiful booklet. NONE of the 4 bonus-tracks has ever been available on any CD before!
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InfraRot item number:9947.740
1.Das Wodkalied
2.Rendez-Vous Dans Un Bois
3.Wait And Search
4.Zz Walhalla
6.I'm Food For You
10.Senza Titolo
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