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"Never Too Late"


Release: 2016
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Paranoid - Never Too Late CD

Second „Paranoid“ classics release in the Infacted Recordings classics series. 39 (!) classic collectors CDs limited to only 1000 copies each! Bands such as Frontline Assembly, Pankow, Tribantura, X Marks the Pedwalk, Konzept, Armageddon Dildos, The Weathermen, just to name a few, are part of this massive collectors collection. After „I still dominate you“ the second Paranoid release is named „Never too late“ and brings us another 17 (!) Paranoid songs in digital remastered format including rare and unreleased songs. A real documatary for all fans of the former Machinery/SPV EBM artist! Be fast the Cd is again limited and will not be repressed!
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1.My Destiny
2.Love & Hate (Club Mix)
3.You Sowed Love
4.Get Tough
5.Make Me Cry
6.As Much As I Can
7.The Arrow In My Heart
10.Beat The Rest
12.You Can’T Hide
13.My Destiny (Club Mix)
14.Love & Hate (Live)
15.Warlike (X-Film Mix)
16.Take Care (Live)
17.Dress You Up (Live)