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"Wildlife (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Parralox - Wildlife (Limited Edition) CD

"Wildlife" is the brand new single from Australian electropop project PARRALOX. Mastermind John von Ahlen has combined earthy sounds and atmospheric melodies once again. So "Wildlife" is an electronic ride that takes you into different worlds and darker feelings. Indeed the accompanying music video channels the iconic movie "Drive". This limited CD edition release features several great remixes and other tracks. Come and enjoy the sounds of PARRALOX and make this first electronic pop highlight a big one for yourself! More than 79 minutes of electronic music wait to be discovered by you
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Label:Conzoom Records
1.Wildlife (Radio Edit)
2.Somebody Ii (People Theatre S Impatience Mix)
3.Do You Feel What I Feel (The Talion Law Delight Mix)
4.Wildlife (Analogue Solutions Vintage Warmer Mix)
5.Somebody Ii (Midnight Resistance Remix)
6.Wildlife (People Theatre's Range Dub And Dance Mix)
7.Atmosphere (Alone-Mix By Zoon Politicon)
8.Somebody Ii (Julian Marsh Mix)
9.Somebody Ii (John Von Ahlen Remix)
10.Wildlife (Talion Law Remix)
11.Somebody Ii (Sirpaul Remix)
12.Wildlife (7Th Heaven Club Mix)
13.Somebody Ii (Jose Jimenez Remix)
14.Judgement Day