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"Zeitgeist/Noblesse Oblige"



Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Parzival - Zeitgeist/Noblesse Oblige 2CD

In the big temple of music salvation stands Parzival. Third and last king of the Holy Grail. Keeping the glimmering cup and the Sacred Spear. From the tip of the spear runs an endless flow of the Blood... The music of Parzival contains a whole world of images and events. In every single composition, which is made as a short opera with its overture and apotheosis, you can hear echoes of clinking swords of crusaders, of the holy brotherhood, smashing into smithereens of the ancient empire of paganism and despair. All that is reflected in the art of Parzival. The art Group was founded as the Order of Parzival in 1992. The first two albums were released under the name Stiff Miners. From the end of 1997 the band carried the original name Order of Parzival. Musically the band is hard to descripe. Dark atmospheric theatrical bombast in the same league as Laibach, but in a world of their own. The usual lyrics for Parzival are written in German, Latin and Russian. "Zeitgeist/Noblesse Oblige" is the seventh album from Parzival, and takes off from "Deus Nobiscum": bombastic electro, that this time also leaves space for more slow tracks. CD2 "Noblesse Oblige" is out for the first time on CD with this release. Lyrically the album deals with apocalyptic themes, medieval mysticism, etc. Parzival has been playing two times at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany to great success, and has played Norway, Germany, Portugal etc.
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