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Passion Play

"The Final Act"


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Release: 2015
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Passion Play - The Final Act CD

limited edition of 999 handnumbered copies, 2012Passion Play's farewell album includes 8 re-recorded classics plus 5 previously unreleased songs.artwork by Disturbanity Graphics

11 years since the last album, 9 years since the last live show, 8 years since the very last sign of life. No wonder that no one was really expecting a return of Passion Play, that wave-rock band much more firmly rooted in post-punk than in 80’s gothic rock. Despite all of this, the then trio fronted by Justin Stephens is regarded as one of the greatest bands of the 90’s UK goth movement.
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Label:aufnahme + wiedergabe
1.1.saints04:01 No Names04:16
4.4.sight For Sore Eyes04:33
5.5.falling Upwards04:07
6.6.the Lesser One05:50
7.7.down To You06:18
8.8.get What You Ask For04:27
9.9.feel Fire03:35
10.10.stop Me04:08 Above, So Below04:40
12.12.while You Were Sleeping04:34