InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann




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Release: 2012
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Created between 1995 and 2010, these works show P:W's distinction from other remixes in this genre: the feeling for very well-produced tracks which impress by their stylistical bandwidth. Featuring remixes for In Strict Confidence, !distain, Das Ich, The Frozen Autumn, Sero.Overdose, Technoir, Culture Kultür, The Eternal Afflict, Endraum and many more. Cover design by M.Murdock. All remixed and mashed up by Brigadier Wolff (P:W) himself.

The 2CD is strictly limited to 500 copies!
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InfraRot item number:2011.337
Label's catalogue number:zwe022
1.Heavy Metal Computer (Goja Moon Rockah) (P:w Remix)
2.Confession (Distain) (D.O.B. Remix)
3.Kannibale (Das Ich) (P:w Remix)
4.Behind The Scenes (Behind The Scenes) (Remix By Essexx)
5.InOne Drop (Strict Confidence) (P:w Remix)
6.Paradise Regained (In Strict Confidence) (P:w Remix)
7.Red Blooded Eternity (The Eternal Afflict) (D.O.B. Remix)
8.Colder And Colder (Sara Noxx) (D.O.B. Remix)
9.She (Sero.Overdose) (D.O.B. Remix)
10.The Hunter (Karthagon) (D.O.B. Remix)
11.Polar Plateau (The Frozen Autumn) (D.O.B. Remix)
12.Near You (Technoir) (Farewell Mix By D.O.B.)
13.To The Unknown Soldier (Culture Kultür) (Unreleased D.O.B. Remix)
14.Gay Alive (Speichler) (Zensierte Radiofassung B)
15.Dieter (Speichler) (99er Mix By D.O.B.)
16.Stimmensee (Endraum) (D.O.B. Remix)
17.Industrial Love (In Strict Confidence) (No Disc Mix By D.O.B.)
18.Serotonin (Sero.Overdose) (D.O.B. Remix)
19.Earth Song (Sara Noxx Feat. Project Pitchfork) (P:w Remix)
20.Sandiego (The Eternal Afflict) (P:w Remix)
21.Never Change (Distorted Reality) (D.O.B. Remix)
22.Truth (Three Cold Men) (D.O.B. Remix)
23.Winter Again (Sara Noxx Feat. Antje Dieckmann) (P:w Remix)
24.Descending (Glis) (D.O.B. Remix)
25.Golden Apes (Golden Apes) (Milk & Ashes Mix By D.O.B.)
26.God Is On My Side (Regenerator) (Radio Active Mix By D.O.B.)
27.Dresden (Dunkelwerk) (P:w Remix)
28.Sorry For Myself (Sound Tesselated) (Unreleased P:w Remix)
29.Crystal-clear (Panic On The Titanic) (D.O.B. Remix)
30.Echoschlaf (Endraum) (D.O.B. Remix)