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Paul Roland



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Release: 2014
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Paul Roland - Hexen CD

English cult psych-baroque singer-songwriter Paul Roland has always had a fascination with magic and the supernatural, but only now with his new album ‘HEXEN’ has his obsession manifested in music designed to raise the very devil himself. Ever since his first album ‘The Werewolf of London’ was released in 1980 Roland has drawn inspiration from horror movies, fiction and comics with songs such as ‘Blades of Battenburg’, ‘Lon Chaney’, ‘Edgar Allen Poe’ and ‘Re-Animator’. Whetherit was with full gothic rock band or solo acoustic guitar and classical string and woodwind ensembles Roland created miniature movies for the listener to visualise in their own personal cinema of the mind, but now he has created an actual full-length movie soundtrack for the classic silent horror film ‘Haxan’ (1922) and produced an album that evokes disturbing and haunting images so you will never rest easy in your beds again.

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Label:Palace Of Worms
2.Night Of The Witch
3.Devil's Wood
5.Wicker Man
6.As I Walked Out One Morning
7.Witch's Hovel
8.Scourge Of The Lord (Jesek)
11.Agnus Dei
12.Inquisitor (Jesek)
13.Nuns Possessed (Jesek)
14.Sanctus Miserere
15.Orgy In The Woods
16.Kissing The Devil's Arse