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Paul Roland



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Release: 2011
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Paul Roland - Masque CD

Paul Roland about the album: 'I had envisaged reissuing 'Masque' with only one or two minor additions, but once I sat down to listen to it for the first time in almost 20 years I could hear quite a number of things that needed retouching. Sometimes very small additions can make a great improvement and bring a track to life, such as the harmony vocals I added to the final choruses of 'I Dreamt I Stood Upon The Scaffold', or the bass I overdubbed on 'Grantchester Fields' to focus the very florid woodwind and string arrangement and gently propel the track along. As with all the reissues, I did not remix but only added what I felt was missing and would have added at the time of the original recording had I not sent the master off straight away after the final mix. To complete the reissue I added two previously unreleased acoustic radio sessions, 'Alice's House' and 'Solitude' (the Black Sabbath song!) recorded with Valerie Franco, with whom I toured in 1993. Valerie sings and plays flute while I play acoustic guitar as well as bass, violin(!), woodwind and percussion. I always thought well of 'Masque', but I feel it is now a much richer album for the subtle additions and I hope you will enjoy it more too.'
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InfraRot item number:2010.386
Label:Syborg Music
Label's catalogue number:sbm017-3
1.Dr Syn Is Riding Again
3.Candy Says
4.Triumphs Of A Taxidermist
5.The Ratcatcher's Daughter
6.Meet Mr Scratch
8.The Mind Of William Gaines
10.I Dreamt I Stood Upon The Scaffold
11.The Sea Captain
12.Matty Groves (Out-take)
13.Grantchester Fields (Out-take)
14.The Sporting Life (Out-take)
15.Alice's House (Radio Session)
16.Solitude (Radio Session)