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Phase II




Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Phase II - Afterglow CD

It has been a little over thirty years since the inception and all-too-brief life span of Phase II, the progressive-folk band founded by Mark Andrews (Blue Grass) and Nicholas Tesluk (Changes). Since that time, only the five selections on their self-titled, blue vinyl, extended-play record (and a handful of songs featured in recent anthology appearances) have found an audience outside of the venues where the group performed live during their original three-year tenure. That is about to change!

As the pièce de résistance ...
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InfraRot item number:2006.463
Label's catalogue number:Ahnstern 29
1.That's Alright
2.Sweet Lady Fair
6.Introture / Goddess Of Dreams
7.Fly Away
8.I Lost The Song
10.Just For You
12.Candle In The Night
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