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Phil Western

"Longform (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Phil Western - Longform (Limited Edition) 2LP

Limited Deluxe Gatefold Double Vinyl [499 copies] with Inner sleeves Highly regarded in both the industrial and techno music worlds, Phil Western is one of Canada's most established and prolific electronic music artists, with over 40 releases of original music to date. As one half of DOWNLOAD (with Skinny Puppy's Cevin Key) Phillip Western has been crafting Electronic /IDM music for the last two decades. Longform is Phil Western's ninth solo album and his first full length vinyl release. Genre-busting from beginning to end, Longform con-tinues Phil's unique fusion of electronic music with subtle live instrumentation. Combining classic synth-manipulation with malicious repetition and an electro-punk sophistication, the 16 tracks of Longform vary in tempo and intensity; some are lush, melodic and cathedrally stereophonic, while others are acidicly dark and throbbing with seismic heart-beat bass. While Phil's music can seem dense, like a thick, dark, sinister wall of sound, as with any organic composition it is also shimmeringly spacious, melodious and occasionally quite funky. Sonically built upon a foundation of synths, ambient textures, simple rhythms and hypnotic melodic patterns, throughout Longform one can hear a real acknowledgment and appreciation of timeless electronic music and the influence of such pioneers as Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins, Ultravox, Can and even Jean Michel Jarre. Limited Deluxe Gatefold Double Vinyl 499 copies with Inner sleeves.
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1.5 6 7 8
2.Come And Play With Us
3.Lost In The Woods
4.Wanna Make Good Music
6.Big Bear
7.They're Just Out Of Your Reach
8.Long Form
9.Behind Me Satan
10.Voices Telling Me To Go
11.Birth Decade
12.Dreams Come True
13.Mora Smile
15.Stick It
16.18 Years