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Philipp Münch & Loss

"Transcontinental Desperation"


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Release: 2014
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Philipp Münch & Loss - Transcontinental Desperation CD

the album you are about to listen manages to consolidate the essence of two outstanding individuals: philipp münch who has made himself a name both as a solo artist and as a member of countless projects, and dan fox a.k.a. loss, a highly regarded veteran of the noise music scene. when philipp and dan met in person a mutual artistic respect was the spark for a collaborative effort and resulted in a transcontinental interchange of inspiration and sound files. after processing each other's basic tracks, the final release clearly showcases both participants' distinctive style as well as the uniqueness of this creative amalgamation.

as the album title indicates, ...
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1.Winter Dream
2.Uncomfortably Relentless
3.Overcoming Obstacles
5.Whatever Happened In The Dark
6.Monster Maker
7.The Spirit Of Consumption
8.The Devil, God And My Dna