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"Plazmapop Selection 2011-2015"


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Release: 2015
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Plazmabeat - Plazmapop Selection 2011-2015 CD

Hungarian duo exists since 2011 and has 2 digital albums released only as web-stuff. Their first album back in 2011 brought to the band good feedbacks and already-known name among fans of quality electropop.Second album released in the end of 2014 is more synthetic and lyrical than the previous one. But everything still being is in its place. Light synth/electropop with influences of even eurodance or disco. Duo singsin Hungarian, and voice performed by Nicki sounds really cute, sweet and melodic.

Label decided to release some kind of "best of" compilations from the bands 2 previous albums, compiled all the best tracks and some exclusive stuff on the bands first physical release.
InfraRot sales rank:-
InfraRot item number:9946.329
1.Könny És Szilánk - 5.39
2.Keresem A Szavakat (Video Edit) - 4.48
3.Száz Mozdulat - 3.48
4.Ráncok (2015 Re-Mix) - 4.06
5.Vágyom Még - 5.36
6.Tenger Egy Cseppben - 4.40
7.Ha Újra Kezdhetném - 3.39
8.Ajándék - 4.40
9.Napkelet - 4.30
10.Életkaleidoszkóp - 4.36
11.Nem Ér Semmit A Szó - 5:00
12.Jövőbe Látnék - 4.08
13.Lelkünk Könyvei - 4.46
14.Nem Adom Fel - 5.21
15.Szerelmes Dal - 3.57
16.Néha (Nu Disco Remix) - 4:22
17.Keresem A Szavakat (Club Remix) - 4.13