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Polarlicht 4.1 & Transistor

"Mission Rosetta – Philae – The Remixes 2k16"


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Release: 2016
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Polarlicht 4.1 & Transistor - Mission Rosetta – Philae – The Remixes 2k16 CD

One year after the release “A collection of Blech,- und Hausmusik” now Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor will release a unique Remixalbum. On the CD are near Polarlicht 4.1 – Tracks also Remixes by Transistor and a brandnew Track. Hits like “Gargoyles”, “Loudspeaker” or “Summerrain in Middleeast have been remixed from well known artists like Phillip Muench, P.A.L., Ah Cama- Sotz, Xotox, Huron or Framework. So there you can listen to a great collection of mixes without breaks in the mix like works from for example Sven Väth. The nice digipack is limited to 222 cpies only.
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Label:Zone 30
1.Gargoyles [Phillip Muench Remix]
2.My Life Without Me [P.a.l. Remix]
3.Reaktor Control [Basementgrrr Remix]
4.Loudspeaker [Echorausch Remix]
5.Fsk40 [Kleqq Remix]
6.Summerrain In Middleeast [Framework Remix]
7.The Frozen Point [Polarlicht 4.1 Remix Feat. Wynardtage]
8.Tau Bootis [Huron Remix]
9.The Eagle [Landed By Xotox]
10.My Life Without Me [Xabec Remix]
11.Gargoyles [Ah Cama- Sotz Remix]
12.Technokiller [Sensogen Remix]
13.Mission Rosetta - Philae [By Transistor]